Riviera style fiberglass swimming poolNew Brunfels, TX–

Leisure Pools of New Brunfels, Texas has announced a  $650.00 homeowner direct rebate for their Riviera 30 model fiberglass pool.  This rebate is available for a limited time only.  Consumers who purchase the 30′ Riviera style fiberglass pool shell through an authorized Leisure Pool distributer will be eligible for the rebate, which will be mailed direct from the manufacturer upon final payment of the swimming pool contract.

The Riviera style pool, with its free-form curves and family play bench in the shallow end, is one of the most popular pool shapes on the market.  This pool is perfect for the entire family.  In fact, due to its overwhelming popularity, Leisure Pools has completed a second, duplicate Riviera 30 mold in order to keep up with the rise in consumer demand.

If you are considering the purchase of an inground swimming pool this season, please take a serious look at the Riviera 30 style pool.  Not often does Leisure Pools offer rebates or sales on their products so make sure to take advantage while the offer is still available.  If you have further questions about this manufacturer rebate, or to schedule a consultation with our sales and design manager, please contact Signature Pools directly at 630.845.1145.

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4 Responses to Fiberglass Swimming Pool Rebate for Leisure Pools Riviera 30′

  1. Pool Hose says:

    I can’t believe this is a fiberglass pool, it looks awesome.

    • Jim Gavula says:


      We really appreciate the compliment and strive to bring new and fresh ideas to the swimming pool industry. It’s incredible just how far the fiberglass market has come over the years!

  2. Brian says:

    Is this rebate still available?

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