Structural Warranty

All of the fiberglass pools that we promote are made from the highest quality materials available and with the latest cutting edge technology. This enables fiberglass pools to come with a structural warranty that is often 35 years or greater. Try finding that with a concrete/gunite pool or a vinyl liner pool.

Surface Warranty

All of the fiberglass pools we sell come with an incredible surface warranty. This insures that the interior of you pool will look essentially the same today as it does 20 years from now. Take a look at a vinyl liner pool that is just 5 – 10 years old and it will look drastically different than it did the day it was installed. After 10 years with a concrete/gunite pool the surface will need to be re-plastered (good for the pool company, but not good for the buyer).


No more skinned knees, torn, or snagged bathing suits. Less chlorine and other chemicals also means less hair discoloration and less worn out bathing suits.

Flexural Strength

Fiberglass can give and take with changing temperatures and situations. Our fiberglass pools are the strongest available on the market and are up to 21 times stronger than concrete.

Ease of Maintenence

Because of its smooth non-pouress surface, a fiberglass swimming pool does not require a large amount of chemicals to combat algae, therefore requiring up to 70% less in chemical costs. Additionally due to the non-pouress surface sweeping the floors and walls of your pool is very rarely necessary.

Cost Efficiency

Less maintenence means less costs on supplies and chemicals. Not to mention all the seasonal repairs you won’t be making with a fiberglass pool.

Faster Installation

Fiberglass pools are much faster to install than either of concrete/gunite pool or a vinyl liner. This means your family will get to enjoy your new investment much sooner than any other type of pool.