Pool Buying and Building Process:

We have designed this website to cover almost any question you may have regarding building a swimming pool.  We recommend taking some time to read through our blog, our testimonials from past customers, our Frequently Asked Questions, and looking through our picture and video galleries.

Talk through with the decision makers in your family as to what you’re looking for in your backyard. Do you envision a rectangle pool in your yard to maximize the swimming area, or are you looking for a natural freeform shape to compliment the existing surroundings?  How often will you be using the pool and how much time will you have for maintenance and chemical balancing?  How many people do you envision swimming in the pool on a regular basis? Do you entertain guests at your residence often or are you looking for a pool for just your family to enjoy? Answering these types of questions up front will help the design team evaluate your needs and create the best backyard escape for your family’s lifestyle.

Do I have room for a swimming pool?

Before you get started with all your research our first recommendation is to find a current to scale copy of your plat of survey.  If you live in a subdivision with an active home owners association we also recommend finding out the requirements for swimming pools.  If you get to the stage of your research where you meet with one of our designers the plat of survey will be needed when we meet.   If you have access to a digital copy of your plat of survey you can help expedite the design process by emailing us a copy of your plat of survey prior to us meeting.  We can not accept fax copies of your survey as the faxing process typically takes the survey out of scale.

What is your timeframe for this project?

Are you just starting the design and planning phase of your backyard or are you ready to swim right away?  This information will help us expedite the process if necessary.

What is your budget for this project?

Our designers will need to know this in order to properly plan your pool. In recent years we have designed and built projects ranging between $35,000 and $400,000. If you have a project budget of $60,000 we don’t want to design a project that would cost $120,000 as this is not beneficial for you or our design team. Having an idea as to the budget for your project will only help expedite the design process as we try to design your backyard to be in your comfortable budget range. After designing and building backyard pools for the past 13 years we can often give you a preliminary estimate over the phone or via email if you have a general idea as to the size of pool and features you would like included with your backyard transformation. Then once you decide to meet with our design manager, Todd Emmerson, the time can be focused on the design of your project as you’ll already have a good idea as to the costs involved.

Meet with our Sales/Design Manager Todd Emmerson: 

Schedule an in-home meeting to get all of your thoughts and ideas on paper.  Todd will be able to brainstorm with you about your vision for your backyard and provide a finalized estimate for the project.  He can also explain any of the pool options available and answer any further questions you may have.  If you have not already emailed us a copy of your plat of survey it is essential that you have a plat of survey available for us at this meeting. Please make sure the survey you provide us with is full sized as faxed copies or smaller versions will not be in scale and will be of little value. The Plat of Survey helps enable us to see any property restrictions that may limit where on your property your pool, pool equipment, patio, and any other accessories can be installed.

Sign a Sales Agreement and Submit Your Down Payment:

Once you have decided on the pool model and options you would like it’s time to sign a sales agreement and submit your deposit in order to secure a place on our construction schedule.  Signing a sales agreement and submitting your deposit secures your place in our schedule, enables us to order your pool shell, and also allows us to start the building permit process with your local municipality.

Preliminary Drawings:

These drawings show how the pool model you selected will fit onto your property:  Once we have a good idea of what you’d like to see in your backyard, our design team will use advanced software (AutoCad and Structure Studios) to transfer your dreams into blueprints.  At this point you will see exactly how the pool you selected will fit onto your property.

Pool Plan Revisions until layout is finalized:

Working closely with the permit department, the design team will ensure that the final placement of your fiberglass pool is not only within the scope of your vision, but adheres to local building codes and requirements.

We submit for permits:

Signature Pools will work continuously with your local building department to acquire all necessary permits and licenses before beginning any phase of construction on your project.

Pre-Construction Meeting:

Once all permits are secured, we will review the final approved construction plans, contracts, and all the options you have selected for your swimming pool.  Typically done in the backyard with the homeowner, sales manger and construction foreman present, the pre-construction meeting ensures that everyone is on the same page with the project.

Start Construction:

Most customers are amazed at how fast the construction process takes!  On the first day of construction you can expect excavation to begin and in some cases the pool set on site.  Within a few days your pool will be plumbed for water lines, filled with water and circulated through the equipment.  Depending on local codes, a few building inspections will take place during this process until the concrete deck is poured around your pool. After concrete is poured any landscaping you’ve selected will be installed.

Final project walk-through:

After everything is up and running, you pool will be cleaned, chemicals balanced and the pool will be ready for swimming.  At this time we will explain all the features of your fiberglass pool including operation and maintenance of your equipment and an explanation of water chemistry.  All you need to do now is jump in!