Patio/Deck Options

The material you select for the patio surrounding your pool will greatly affect the overall aesthetics and function of your new outdoor space. Choosing this material carefully will help you to achieve the perfect look for your backyard and will determine ease of maintenance for the patio area as well.

Signature Pools offers many different pool deck and patio options. Some of the most commonly used materials are:

Standard Concrete:

What we sometimes refer to as a ‘sidewalk finish’ is the general look of standard concrete. The color had a slightly grey tone and is textured very similar to the sidewalk in front of a house. Expansion joints, (sometime referred to as ‘control joints’), are either saw cut or troweled by hand in the concrete.

Stamped Concrete:

This concrete finish gives both a texture pattern and color to the concrete deck. There are many patterns and colors to choose from, and our designers will be happy to show you samples and examples of some of the most popular styles and colors. Benefits of this type of decking option include unique patterns and colors as well as a textured surface for a more natural look.


Sometimes referred to as spray deck or cool deck, this material is a textured coating that is applied to standard concrete finishes to give a pattern and color to the surface. This coating is applied as a 1/8th inch thick material that is sprayed onto the concrete once it has cured. Spray deck offers several color and pattern choices. Benefits of this type of decking option include a non-slip surface, cooler surface temperatures and various color and pattern choices.


This option is often used if you have an existing paver patio on your property that you’d like to incorporate into your new pool patio. Signature Pools has worked with many landscape companies to coordinate the installation of brick pavers around your swimming pool.

Natural Stone:

Travertine, Blue Stone, Marble, and Granite are all types of natural stone that can be used around your swimming pool and deck. These materials offer the ultimate in luxury and refinement for our most distinguished clients. We work with some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural stone, and will work with craftsmen to tailor a custom patio or deck to meet your needs.