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Since our inception Signature Pools has focused solely on fiberglass pools because we believe it is the best pool technology currently available and will meet the needs of over 90% of consumers.

The growth of fiberglass pools in our country has exploded in the last 15 years and now makes up over 20% of the pool market in the United States.  This is remarkable considering that 20 years ago it made up only 1% of the market.  Many experts predict that fiberglass pools will have a 50% market share in the US in the next 10 to 15 years as consumers become more educated on the benefits of the product.

As the fiberglass pool industry has increased so dramatically so has the number of fiberglass pool manufactures.  This has been great for the industry because growth has fostered innovation, but as the industry has grown one thing we’ve learned is that “All Fiberglass Pools Are Not Created Equally”.  At Signature Pools we realize that the pool we build in your backyard will only be as good as the pool shell that we install.  Because of this we have visited with every major manufacture of fiberglass pools in the country.  Some of the differences are staggering.

After our research we made the decision to stop dealing certain product lines that we previously sold and we also added a couple of other manufacturers after seeing some incredible product advances from several companies.

Currently the majority of the pools we sell are from Leisure Pools, Trilogy Pools, and River Pools powered by Thursday Pools. For more information on any of these manufactures or any other manufactures you’ve heard of feel free to ask us about them during your design consultation.

You can click on the logos below to see all of the shapes and sizes that we offer.

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