Are you thinking about building an in ground pool in your backyard?  Are you planning on purchasing a new home and would like a new in ground pool when you move in?  Unfortunately, every season we meet prospective clients who are unable to put an in ground swimming pool in their yard due to a number of restrictions.  Here are a few things to consider when thinking about your backyard project:



1.  Property Lines-  Many municipalities require a swimming pool to be located a certain distance from a side or rear property line.  Make sure you mark out the property lines at your home to make sure a pool will fit. 

2. Utility and Drainage Easements-  Similar to property lines, easements are areas of your yard that you cannot build permanent structures within.  Utility companies can use this part of your yard to run underground electrical, phone, gas, and telephone lines for your home and the neighborhood.  Check your plat of survey to see where the easements are located on your property.  A swimming pool, deck, patio or equipment cannot be located in this area.  Contact your local municipality for more information on building restrictions and easements.

3. Impervious Lot Coverage-  Another restriction to consider is impervious lot coverage of your property.  Several cities, towns and counties in the Chicago land area and across the Midwest are imposing restrictions on the buildable area of your lot.  This restriction is in place to ensure rainwater and natural drainage is not disturbed or adversely effected by a construction project.  Contact your local building department to find out if impervious lot coverage is an issue in your town.

As you can see, there are a few things to consider when planning out the design and location of your swimming pool.  We at Signature Pools have helped hundreds of clients build their very own backyard escape, and we’ve see yards of all shapes and sizes.  Many customers are surprised to see what can fit in even the most limited space.  If you have questions about your specific property please feel free to contact us or give us a call at 630.845.1145

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