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As many consumers know, fiberglass pools have sky-rocketed in popularity over the past decade.  Here at Signature Pools and Spas we have installed over 300 fiberglass pools for satisfied clients in the Chicago land area and all over Illinois.  Part of being the leader in  the midwest  for fiberglass pool isntallation is our commitment to educating our customers on the ownership and operation of their very own Signature Pool!

 This season we have received a few phone calls from concerned fiberglass pool customers because they believe there pool is leaking.  Although this is a rare occurance, it is something that can happen from time to time for various reasons.   If you are experiencing slow water loss turn off the skimmer valve to the pool, allowing only the deep end floor or wall drain to circulate water. This will allow the water to safely drop below the skimmer box without sucking air into the pump and harming other equipment.

After a few phone calls and a visit from our service team we  have discovered some of the causes of water loss and would like to share this information with you.

You pool is TOO full! Yes, this can happen- if you fill your swimming pool above the center of the skimmer, water can leak out the back of the skimmer extension ring (between the concrete and the skimmer ring). To check, look inside the skimmer and see where the water has stopped. More than likely the water level stopped just below the skimmer extension ring. Filling the pool any higher will just cause the water to drain back to that point.

There is a gasket leaking by the equipment pad. Take a look on the concrete pad around your equipment. Leaky filters, pump lids, and gaskets all can cause a slow leak in the pool and will affect the water level. Tighten the filter plug, reset the pump lid, and check all other seals for failure. There is a gasket on the underside of the pump lid, a large ‘O’ ring between the upper and lower half of your filter, and gaskets on all the plumbing clean-out points. You can use a dab of Vaseline on the rubber gaskets to ensure a water-tight seal.

A water return line may be leaking. If you notice rapid water loss from your pool it may be caused by a leaking or detached return line. Water loss in this case is very rare but possible. The leak will usually be severe and happen very quickly (6″ or more per 24 hours). Shut off you pool equipment and contact a swimming pool service company to repair this problem.

A light niche may be leaking. Behind some of the larger pool lights is a ‘wet niche’ that allows the light housing to be removed for bulb replacement and service. The chord of the light runs through a small conduit opening in the back of the niche. Over time the sealant between the chord and the conduit can deteriorate and needs to be re-applied.  As with the return lines, leaking lights are not all that common, but an easy fix if you do have a ‘slow leak’.

Water is evaporating. In summer months the water level in you pool can drop quickly from sunlight evaporation and swimmer splash-out. Keep in mind that every time the pool is used, some amount of water is splashed out and the sun evaporates water. When the pool is uncovered and being used customers can expect to ‘top off’ the water in their pool at least once a week.

Signature Pools and Spas is commited to our customers questions regarding pool ownership.  If you have further questions or concerns about water loss in your pool, feel free to contact our service department at 630.845.1145 or visit our website at:

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