pentair equipment padSo you’ve decided to get an in ground pool. Great! Now the fun part begins: Picking all the fun stuff to go with your pool. Slides, water falls, fountains, and jets are just some of the options available with your pool. But before any of that gets picked out, consider the location of pool equipment needed to circulate, filter, and sanitize the water. Many homeowners have a set vision in mind. They can already see where the pool is going long before considering the limitations of their property and municipal codes. Here are several things to consider when deciding where to place your pool equipment.  Keep in mind that a basic equipment pad requires an area of approximatly 4′ x 8′ to accommodate a pump, filter, and heater.

1. Take a look at your Plat of Survey

The plat of survey is a document showing the exact location of your home, property lines, building setback lines, utility easements, flood plains, or any other special feature unique to your property. In general, you cannot install your pool equipment beyond any of these setback lines.  If you’re currently in the research phase of buying a new pool it is essential that you have a copy of your plat of survey to give to your sales representative. 

 2.  City, Village, or County Building Codes

As a general rule your pool equipment must be a minimum of 10’ from the water’s edge of the pool.  If you’re installing a heater with your pool (98% of our clients in Illinois do) you need to consider the distance between any windows and the exhaust vent on the heater.  Most municipalities require a 4’ minimum distance between the pool heater exhaust vent and any windows or window wells on the home.  For any other specific codes regarding pool equipment location you can contact your sales representative or your local governing municipality.

 3.  Association Requirements

These days many home owners associations have specific requirements as to the location of the pool equipment.  For instance, some associations won’t allow it on the side of your house.  Other associations want to make sure it is a certain number of feet off of your property line.  If you’re currently in the research phase of buying a new pool we highly recommend getting a copy of any association requirements prior to meeting with any sales representative. 

4.  Ease of Access

 Make sure the equipment will be located in a place with easy access as well.  If you purchase a remote with your pool you won’t be spending as much time at your equipment pad, but you will still want it to be in a reasonable place for maintenance and service.  If possible we recommend keeping your equipment within the fenced area of the pool.  This too will make it much easier to access your pool equipment.  If it’s not possible for the equipment to be installed within the fence area we highly recommend adding a gate close to the pool equipment.

 5.  Think About Noise

When you are deciding where to place the pool equipment, keep in mind the noise factor! Even with new variable speed pumps or 2 speed pumps the pump noise can be a nuisance if you’re equipment is too close your pool or any entertaining area around you pool.  If possible you also want to avoid installing the pool equipment right outside of a bedroom or any room of the house that is often used.

 I know this information seems a bit overwhelming- but here’s the good news: Signature Pools and Spas has installed over 400 swimming pools in the Midwest and we are familiar with what works and what doesn’t…in all types of backyards! We are also familiar with local code requirements and municipal regulations and can help you determine the best location for your swimming pool and equipment. If you have questions or would like further information about pool locations, please feel free to contact Signature Pools and Spas at 630.845.1145

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