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Today we would like to take a moment to explain the advantages and disadvantages of building a swimming pool at various times of the year in Illinois. Many customers are concerned about schedules, length of construction, and backyard disruption when deciding when to build a fiberglass pool.

Spring: Just as the snow and wind lifts from the midwest, many people consider installing an inground pool before the hot weather forces them back into air conditioned houses- or worse yet, the public swimming pool…surrounded by hundreds of fellow water-seekers sitting too close, and screaming childeren all around.  This is a great time to start construction of an inground fiberglass swimming pool because it insures that you will be able to take full advantage of the warm summer weather. Signature Pools’ schedule is not typically booked for the entire year in spring, so you will be able to get a spot for installation before it really heats up. The disadvantage to starting a project in ths springtime is that the ground tends to be a bit softer. This means that the digging of the pool is a bit easier but more messy. Our crews are as careful as possible when excavating and preparing your yard for the pool, but expect some tire ruts and mud through the construction access area.

Summer: The summer months in the midwest remind us all to jump into a pool, splash around with friends, and soak in the sun. Since the summer heat can seem unbearable at times, it’s the most likely time for customers to call us and say “I want a pool….yesterday! Seriously, when can you start?!?” We hear it all the time and understand completely. The advantage to building at this time of the year is that the need is immediate. People most appreciate their pool when they realize they can’t live without it! The only disadvantage to this season is scheduling. Obviously Signature Pools is most busy through the summer months, so it can be a difficult time to get your own pool built right away. Also keep in mind that buiding permits for your pool project can take up to 2-4 weeks with the village and may delay the start of construction. These permits are typically included in the purchase of your pool but MUST be obtained by our office before we can begin construction.

Fall: As the leaves change and a breeze rolls in from the north, many people are not thinking about swimming…but what about a hot tub? The fall season is a great time to relax in your very own therapeutic spa or hot tub. Signature Pools offers a variety of inground spas that are perfect for relaxing evenings. Swimming Pools are also built in this time, as people would like construction to be completed before the winter months, and the pool ready to jump in right away in the spring. Disadvantages to this time of year depend on the weather. Signature Pools can actually install fiberglass pools year-round, but the fall months present a few challanges; heavy rains, freezing tempatures, and bitter cold may get in the way of construction schedules. But for the most part fall is the perfect time to install a fiberglass swimming pool. Our work load is not as hectic and you’re probably not desperate for us to finish the project in time for a Thanksgiving dinner pool-side.

Winter: Believe it or not, winter is the time when potential customers should be doing the most research and contacting pool builders for information and pricing. Because the winter will slow construction for a few months, our staff has the opportuninty to design and consult with customers without the pressure of a 1-2 week deadline. Building permits are most easily obtained in the winter months because villages are not as busy with other construction projects. Having many decisions and choices made over the winter makes the construction process go much smoother (and quicker) once the weather clears. The only disadvantage to the winter is that the weather prevents us from pouring the concrete patio area around your pool. Once the warmer temperatures come back (usually in the early spring) we are able to complete this step and finish the project.

If you have further questions about the design, scheduling, and installation of inground fiberglass swimming pools, please feel free to contact us at 630.845.1145 or visit us on the web at:

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