Pentair IntelliChlorSo your pool is up and running and the kids are ready to jump in the cool, refreshing water- but there’s a problem!  The pool water is all cloudy, maybe even green!?!  What gives?? You have a chlorine generator…no chemicals needed, right?

Not exactly….

Many pool owners have a misconception about what their chlorine generator (salt system) actually does.  Here are a few ground rules to keep in mind when maintaining your system.

1. Salt Level:  Make sure the NaCl (salt) is at the proper level in your pool water.  This measurement is made in parts-per-million (ppm) and should normally range between 2700 ppm and 3400 ppm.  Your pool equipment should have either a light indicator or internal digital salt tester to let you know if the level is correct.  If you have doubts about the accuracy of the equipment, use an independent testing agent to verify the results.  An easy test strip available from your local pool supplier will do the trick.  I personally like the AquaCheck brand for ease of use.

2.  System Diagnostics:  Once you verify the proper salt level in your pool water, you may want to run a quick diagnostics check of the salt cell to make sure it is running properly.  Most chlorine generator systems have a diagnostic mode that will measure the current that is running through the cell.  This will indicate whether or not the system is functioning properly.

3.  Clean the Cell:  Over time, calcium and other minerals will collect on the internal fins of the salt cell.  By cleaning the cell with an acid solution you will boost and extend the performance of the chlorine generating system.  Refer to your owners manual and manufactures’ recommendations for this process because every system is different.


4. Test your chemicals:  Many people think that having a chlorine generator means they don’t have to worry about chemicals for their pool AT ALL.  This is simply not true!!!  Staying on top of pH, Alkaline, and Stabilizer will greatly enhance the performance of your chlorine generator.  If these other levels are out of balance you may not be producing enough chlorine to safely sanitize the pool water.

Follow these simple steps to make sure your salt water pool runs smoothly, safely, and effeciently all season long.  If you have further questions about chemicals, or would like to speak to us directly, please feel free to contact Signature Pools and Spas, Inc or give us a call at (630) 845-1145.

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