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Lately I have noticed several articles printed in local newspapers and in online sources that talk about the Virginia Graeme Baker act of 2008 and how it relates to swimming pool safety.  The law is intended to protect swimmers at a public pool  from entrapment due to equipment suction.  For details of this law and its requirements please visit HERE.

Many customers have asked about this law and how it relates to the RESIDENTIAL swimming pool industry.  Here are are few things to keep in mind when considering the safety of your backyard pool.

 The Virginia Graeme Baker act (VGB) does not currently apply to residential swimming pools at the national level. only public swimming pools are required to comply.  However, some local municipalities may enforce portions of the law for backyard pools as well.

Is your swimming pool builder knowledgeable and up to speed on the requirements of the law, and can he provide your residential pool with the same safety systems now required for public pools?  Signature Pools and Spas uses several ‘layers’ of protection to ensure a safe swimming environment for our clients.  Dual wall drains have replaced single floor drains, approved safety covers are used on all of our suction outlets, atmospheric vacuum release systems and SVRS pumps are available on all of our pool equipment systems.

Here at Signature Pools we strive to educate our clients on all facets of their swimming pool project and industry developments as a whole.  If you have questions about the safety of your fiberglass swimming pool or equipment, please feel free to contact us.  Even if we haven’t built your pool we’d like to help.  Call us today at 630.845.1145 to find out more or to schedule a consultation for your very own Signature Pool and Spa.

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