Pentair pump lid

This past week we have received several calls from customers asking about their pool pumps. In many cases they are not able to prime the pump completely or it looses prime when turned off. Here are a few things to look for if you come across this issue yourself.

1. Pump Lid- Make sure the lid for the pump is seated correctly and tightened all the way. Also check and see that the gasket between the lid and pump housing is in place and lubricated. A damaged, worn, or misaligned lid or seal can cause the pump to suck in air- preventing a full prime.

2. Skimmer and pump basket-check both the basket in the skimmer and inside the pump housing to make sure they are sitting correctly in place. A skimmer basket should align flush to the bottom of the skimmer pot. The pump basket should always be seated in the bottom of the pump. Many pump manufacturers such as Jandy and Pentair have a notch in the top of the basket that lines up with a grove inside the pump.

3. Water Level- make sure the water level is high enough in your pool. If it’s too low, air can be sucked through the skimmer and into the pump. Over time, this air can damage your pool equipment.

4. Loose pump union- check the threaded plumbing on the front of your pump. A loose union fitting may be allowing air to leak into the pump. Make sure to also check that the gaskets between the union fittings are also seated correctly and in place.

Preventing air from leaking into your circulation pump is important to keeping your pool equipment working well for years to come. If you have any questions about pool pumps, or any other pool equipment and maintenance, feel free to contact us at Signature Pools or call 630.845.1145.

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