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One of the greatest benefits of being a Signature Pool’s customer is the ability to choose from so many options for their in ground fiberglass swimming pool.  From tile to concrete colors, water features to covers, there are countless ways to personalize a swimming pool.

An auto-cover system is a great way to add a measure of safety to the pool area, along with retaining pool heat and keeping the water free of debris.  But to get the maximum life out of an auto-cover, pool owners should keep a few things in mind when caring for the cover system:

  • Keep water and debris off the cover when it is closed.   Leave a pump in the center of your closed cover and direct rain water off the pool area and drain into the surrounding landscaping.  Too much water and debris can cause unnecessary strain on the cover material and components, and will shorten the life of the system.
  • Always keep the tracks clean.  Inside the cover track is a rope that pulls the cover open and closed.  If the tracks and ropes get filled with debris, friction can cause a rope to break or a pulley to fail.  Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle on the end to remove any dirt, leaves, or other debris from inside the tracks.
  • Never operate your cover if the water level in the pool is low.  The water underneath the cover helps to support its weight.  If the water is too low, the cover will strain to open and the motor can be damaged.
  • Clean out the cover box.  The area that holds the motor mechanism and cover roll can collect dirt, leaves and debris over time.  Check inside the cover box and clean out anything that may have collected over time.  Also make sure any ground water is properly draining from the box.

By following these maintenance tips, you can enjoy the benefits of an auto-cover system for years to come.  Contact us at for more information and to build your own Signature Pool.


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