A beautiful in ground pool in Geneva, IL

Dear Mr. McNelis,

It took me almost three years to make a decision on a backyard pool. I met Todd Emmerson in August of 2006 about halfway into this decision. As you know, there are many choices a consumer has when it comes to back yard pools. It took me the first year just deciding on whether to go with a built in fiberglass pool. I looked at all types and discovered fiberglass was the easiest of all to maintain and operate.

Back in August 2006, Todd was very professional giving me different ideas that would work in my backyard. My only regret is that it took me so long to decide.

In February 2008 I contacted Todd again and told him that I reached a decision. Signature Pools was the company that I would hire to install my fiberglass pool. We decided on a kidney shaped pool that fit our backyard. Todd Even offered to stop by and spray paint the outline of the pool to give us an idea of how it would look in the backyard. What an eye opening experience that was. The pool that we chose was not quite the right one for our situation. Todd immediately made a recommendation and painted that outline in the yard. What a difference that made. We were able to get the right pool at the right price.

The installation was quick and easy. Within two days the pool was full of water and concrete was ready to be poured. We officially opened the pool on Memorial weekend. The weather was great and the pool was heated to a comfortable 85 degrees. The kids have been in it ever since. Not a day went passed this summer without a pool full of friends and family having a great time.

I will never regret purchasing a fiberglass pool from Signature Pools. Todd Emmerson (sales manager) and Jim Gavula (permit and job coordinator) made the whole process as easy as possible. But I guess the biggest surprise was to see you, the President and owner of the company, out there working the machinery that very first day. You and your team gave my family and me a great summer in 2008 and for many years to come!

Thanks again for all your help!

Jim and Kathleen Mahoney
Geneva, IL

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