One of the top priorities of Signature Pools is to educate our customers on proper safety and maintenance of their fiberglass swimming pools.  So it grieves us to hear of the first ever accident of any kind when speaking to one of our previous customers. 

Recently, a customer shared with us the unfortunate news that their beloved family dog had wandered into the backyard unattended and fell into the swimming pool.  Although the dog was a special part of the family, she had lived a full 16 years and eventually suffered from loss of sight.  Due to her age and eye sight, the dog was unable to find its way out of the pool and unfortunately passed away as a result.

We at Signature Pools send our condolences to the family and would also like to take a moment to remind our customers just how serious pools safety should be taken.  Always be sure to keep all access points to the pool area closed and secure whenever an adult is not within eyesight of the entire pool surface.  A locking auto-cover can offer another layer of safety and protection for your family.  Not only will the cover prevent leaves and debris from blowing in the pool when closed,  but also prevents unauthorized access to the pool when locked.  Additionally, after-market pool safety devices can be purchased that will sound an audible alarm if the pool surface is disrupted.  Most importantly, teaching children about pool safety and the dangers of swimming without an adult present is the most effective way to ensure a safe swimming environment for the entire family.

Although our customer suffered the loss of a family pet, we are all reminded that the outcome could have been much worse if a child was left unattended by the pool.  The accident serves as a stern reminder that pool safety is a serious matter and needs to be treated as such.  But with safeguards in place, a backyard pool can serve as a great retreat and offer endless summers of family fun.

If you have questions or concerns about swimming pool safety please feel free to Contact Signature Pools or call us at 630.845.1145.

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