Fiberglass Pool:  Start to Finish

Signature Pools has mailed out the 2010 Pool Closing Letter to our existing and previous clients.  You will be receiving your letter within a few days, and can schedule a pool closing on the form provided. 

To be sure that your pool is closed correctly, and in a timely manner, please follow these pool closing guidelines: 

1) Have all water pumped off of your pool cover
2) Have power turned on to your pool equipment
3) Have water temperature of pool set at a minimum of 65 degrees
4) Have winter cover on your pool deck or nearby so our technicians have it available for installation (only applicable if you have a winter cover)
5) Please unlock gates to pool area for easy access of our technicians

 Many customer ask us: “When should I close my pool?”

Our answer depends on two things:

1. The weather- if we experience a mild weather pattern for the fall, many customers don’t mind keeping their pool open until the middle of October.  In this case it is important to keep your pool water circulating during the evening hours  in the event that it happens to fall below freezing overnight.  If it becomes unseasonably cold in the early fall, many customers are likely to have their pool closed right after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

2. Energy Savings-  Obviously, the cooler it gets outside the more you have to run your pool heater.  Some customers don’t mind paying the extra cost to extend their swimming season into the late fall months.  Also keep in mind that you will have to run your pool pump longer to ensure water is constantly circulating through the pool and equipment.

**Keeping you pool or spa open all winter is not recommended.  We have seen customers try and keep their equipment running throughout the winter months and the risk is usually too great.  Any sort of power failure or tripped circuit breaker will shut down the electric to the equipment- and it only takes a few minutes for water to freeze when exposed to the harshest of Midwest winters.**

Whether you have your pool closed down right after Labor Day or choose to keep swimming until the first signs of snow, the decision is ultimately up to you.  Signature Pools is able to accommodate for your swimming season and we are available to close your pool whenever you would like.  If you have questions about getting your pool closed for the winter or would like further information, please feel free to Contact Signature Pools or give us a call at 630.845.1145

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