Inground Fiberglass Pool-Riveria 30'

One of the most common, and simplest questions to answer about your in-ground swimming pool is how to keep it sparkling clean.  There are actually three components at play in the cleaning process:

Circulation- Make sure your pool equipment is properly circulating the water through the system.  Clean the pump basket regularly and make sure the pump is not drawing any air through the skimmer or a loose fitting.  Your filter pump is at the heart of the circulation process, and is what draws water out of the pool (through the skimmer and main drain), and discharges clean water back into the pool (through the return jets).

Filtration- As the pump is circulating water through the equipment, it passes through some kind if filtering system.  All of our pools at Signature Pools and Spas use cartridge filters to clean the water.  Making sure these cartridges are free of debris is a major component in maintaining crystal clear water.  Follow your manufacturer’s instructions and clean these cartridges several times a season.

Sanitation- The third and final component in maintaining a clear swimming pool is water sanitation.  Although there are many ways to kill bacteria, chlorine products are most commonly used in swimming pools to eliminate any biological organisms.  Use test strips or a chemical test kit to make sure you have the right amount of chlorine in the pool water.

If you have other questions about keeping your swimming pool clean, please feel free to contact us at 630.845.1145 or visit us on the web at:

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