We get this question a lot, and there are a few reasons that a building permit is not only required, but a benefit to homeowners:

1. Liability- Having a building permit in place protects you as the homeowner from a number of liabilities throughout the project. What happens if someone gets hurt while working on your property? A building permit requires contractors to be licenced, insured, and bonded in many cases. If an injury or property damage were to occur, your pool builder’s insurance will cover the costs.

2. Inspections- Most municipal building departments have an inspector visit your home during the construction of your pool project. The inspector’s role is to examine and verify that your pool is being built to national and local safety standards. Some of the inspections include: underground plumbing, electric, and gas line, electrical bonding, and final pool/barrier.

3. Piece of Mind- Working with a reputable pool installer who is licenced, insured, and bonded can be a great step towards knowing you are getting the best possible installation of your new swimming pool. Stay away from contractors who insist that you don’t need a permit, or ask you to apply for the permit yourself. Many times these companies are not willing to comply with industry standards of construction or do not have proper liability insurance.

If you have questions about building permits for your new fiberglass pool project feel free to contact us or give Signature Pools a call at 630.845.1145

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