Riviera 30 fiberglass pool in Western Springs Illinois - Testimonial for Finn ResidenceFall 2012

Dear Signature Pools of Chicago,

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Signature Pools. Having seen a brother who went with Signature Pools years ago, I realized I was investing in a company who had the know how to install a wonderful pool. I got to see first hand how easy swimming pool maintenance was when talking to my brother. My wife and I absolutely loved the design and easy of installation that a fiberglass pool afforded us. We could not believe how quick the job got done. The sales experience was fun and straightforward. Todd Emmerson does a great job and realizes it is a big purchase. He has excellent ideas, pictures and knowledge. We thought he did a great job.

The installation part of the process was unbelievably quick. Tom McNelis demonstrates his expertise during the process. He simply knows what he is doing and is a very pleasant person.

Thank You,

James and Deborah Finn
Western Springs, IL
Leisure Pools – Riviera 30 (Queensland Blue)


Leisure Pools Tuscany 23 model pool built by Signature Pools in Lake Villa, Illinois

Summer 2012

We would first and foremost like to say thank you to Signature Pools & Spa for helping us achieve our dream of having our own pool. Tom, Todd, and Erich are very professional and personable.

We did not have a personal pool while growing up, however some of our family and friends did. The public pool was where we spent a lot of our time. When we had our own children, we would take them to the public pool. Although it was a lot of fun, looking at the use of a public pool from a parental perspective presented new challenges. Preparing the kids, packing the van, trying to find a spot to put your towel, packing the van while wet and hot to go home wasn’t always a treat…especially with three children!

We began to envision what it would be like to have our own pool. We researched friends and family including what the costs and maintenance would be and decided it would be in our best interest to have a pool. After online research and further discussion, we decided on an in-ground pool and one that would be made using fiberglass. It had the best long term value to us, great options, and of course low maintenance.

We contacted Signature Pools and discussed our thoughts with Todd Emmerson. He is a very good listener and provided us with many options. He presented us with great insight on preparing for the pool, how permits would be obtained and how the whole pool would be placed and landscaping would be handled. Todd was very helpful with handling our concerns and communicating them with various contractors that were involved with our pool project.

Leisure Pools Tuscany 23 model pool in the Sapphire Blue color finish

Erich Alstott helped with obtaining the permits for pool construction and completion. He was very good at teaching us how to maintain the pool and was very flexible about meeting with us as our work schedules are always changing. We appreciated his expertise!

Tom McNelis is truly and expert in this business. He is very efficient and assured us that our results would be the way that they were. I think he had the excavation and the pool placed in the same day even though he had said it might take a couple of days. We were impressed!

The landscaping that took place almost immediately after the pool was set did not take more than a couple of weeks and complimented the look of the pool, but also improved access and ease of use. We could not have been happier. County Wide Landscaping did an incredible job!

This summer had many very warm days and we used the pool to its fullest. We have plans to add additional landscape lighting. Our family enjoyed the whole process of planning to completion. The guys at Signature Pools and Spas are fantastic! If you are looking for the complete package from start to finish, a high quality pool, and with people who are nice and professional and who stand behind their work with pride, then you found the right company!


Steve, Carrie, Steven, Gary, and Alexus Oltean
Lake Villa, IL
Leisure Pools – Tuscany 23


Dear Erich,

I want to thank you and the rest of the Signature Pools team for the great job you did in installing our pool. This is the second pool that we have had installed with your company and we couldn’t be more pleased.

It was a pleasure to work with Todd and Tom again and we are very happy that you have joined the team. The installation team was very professional as well.

The presentation of new products/pool options and the follow up after the installation exceeded our expectations.

We are so happy that we went with the auto cover (Our last pool did not have the auto cover). We only used half a bucket of sanitizer this season (pool was complete in April 2012) and we hardly ever had to clean the pool. It’s amazing the difference that the cover makes. I tell everyone that if they do an in ground pool to buy the automatic pool cover. It is worth its weight in gold.

Our neighbors were astounded by how quickly the installation was done and how beautiful it looks.

A fiberglass pool with an auto cover is the only way to go and of course Signature Pools is the best installer!

Thank you for making this a great experience once again!


Paul and Jackie Remillard
Hampshire, IL
Leisure Pools – Riviera 34


Fall 2012

We contracted with Signature Pools in 2012 to install our Trilogy – Magellan model fiberglass pool with a spa. After much research we made our decision to go with fiberglass. I am a custom home builder in South Barrington, Illinois and see many gunite pools that are having major repairs done and I definitely did not want that.

When we started to get a few quotes on pool contractors we were on guard until we met Todd Emmerson from Signature Pools. Todd was excellent and patient taking us thru the process of selection and answered all our questions. The pool was delivered 4 weeks after we signed the contract.

After that we met the Tom McNelis (the owner) and the rest of the crew. They worked diligently for 2 weeks and on the third week we were swimming in our new pool. We were impressed that Tom was hands on with the complete installation process.

My wife and I are very pleased we chose Signature Pools! Their honesty, integrity, and hard work ethic made the experience a positive one. Our family looks forward to many wonderful memories swimming in our fiberglass pool.


Tom and Sandy Doomis
South Barrington, Illinois
Trilogy Pools – Magellan


Fall 2012


Thank you for all your help! I cannot say enough good things about what a great asset you were to us during this process. We were fortunate that we found Signature Pools! This has absolutely been one of the best construction projects we have ever done. Everyone we worked with at Signature has been exceptionally professional. We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to install an inground fiberglass pool.

Oh, by the way – the pool and basic yard repair looks so nice. We were able to get into the pool about 5 times this fall, when it was warm enough – and LOVED IT!

If anyone thinking of installing a pool, would like to call one of your customers for a referral, please do not hesitate to give them my name.

Thank You Again,

Jo Ann Golbeck
Wauconda, IL
Leisure Pools – Riviera 30