Leisure Pools Grande model pool built by Signature Pools In Northbrook, IL

I did a great deal of research into the different pool formats prior to making our decision to hire Signature. I met with about half a dozen “pool guys’, but kept coming back to the Signature Pools recommendation.

I simply trusted Todd’s recommendation more than anyone else. All of my research said that he was right. All that was left was for your company to deliver on his promises. And you did! The dig was smooth, the installation was right on time, and the coordination between your firm and our landscapers was spot on. Not one hiccup, not one problem.

We have really enjoyed the pool and your recommendations on tile, pool cover, and equipment was just perfect. And it came in on the dollar that we agreed upon.

A rarity is a project of this size being on time and on budget. Signature Pools nailed it!

Guy Lay
Northbrook, IL
Leisure Pools – Grand Elegance (Australian Blue)


Fall 2012

I would like to start by thanking Tom and his team. To start with, my wife and I have been looking at the idea of a pool for some time and had a good idea of what we wanted. We started the journey by meeting Todd. You need to know Todd is NOT a salesperson, but rather an educator. We sat with him while he carefully and expertly defined the benefits of each feature of the pool and the accessories that go with it. After speaking with him we were in a position to make educated decisions. We started out looking at a 30’ Riviera model. After Todd took us to see a Riviera 30 model pool at another one of their projects we thought it was a little too small for the size of our property. It was nice that they arranged for us to see one being installed. We decided on using all the space we had in our yard and opted for the 40’ Synergy model pool. A clear plan of the preparation needed for construction was explained to us and gave us time to save some of our existing landscaping.

The construction process was as expected, dusty. Erich, was indispensable in guiding along the process. A temporary fence was placed around the pool though empty for several days. They did a thorough job in cleaning out the debris from the bottom of the pool after it was filled with water. Remarkably, the water was pretty clean and stayed that way during the rest of the construction process. We were able to enjoy our pool soon after the concrete was set and only minor details remained. We did have to wait for the concrete to “Cure” before the deck finish was applied. Some of the decorative tiles we wanted were on backorder, but were well worth the wait.

We opted for some additional features. The automated chlorination system is worth every penny. The levels were always on target and I spent no time putting chlorine pucks in the pool. The Dolphin automated pool cleaner is also well worth the money spent. It does a fantastic job. You can run it at night and wake up to a beautiful crystal clean pool. We also added some lights to the standard package. Five lights really liven up the pool and it looks like a resort pool at night. The colors can be changed from time to time which is cool.

I would strongly suggest writing down every detail of what you want the pool to look like when you are done. Do you want electrical or speakers on the far side of the pool? You may want to run the wires before the concrete is poured. We opted to do so. Now we do not have to trench the wires into the ground. We added some anchors posts in the concrete for umbrellas which apparently has not been done before. They make “Bar height” posts for umbrellas for the extra height taken up by the post being in ground. It limits the exact locations of the umbrellas but does not require one to have the bulky stands under the umbrellas.

If you opt to do a concrete overlay…Look no further than Altered Surfaces! Pete Simon is an honest person from the word go! He explained why the concrete had to cure and that, though he stands behind any defects that might occur, he would rather do it right the first time. He does the work himself with some staff, but he is there on site. He was more competitive on quality and price than the two other estimates we were given. His number is 630-759-9913.

We could not be more pleased with the outcome and look forward to many years of enjoyment! A great family “resort “in our backyard, and the peace of mind of knowing where my daughters are and with whom they are with is priceless!

Start with Signature Pools and do your research then come back to purchase from Signature Pools.


Marty and Rhea Matus
Barrington, IL
Trilogy – Synergy


Fall 2012

Signature Pools did a great job installing our pool. I was surprised it only took 2 weeks to complete. We enjoyed our new pool this hot summer!

Steve Levine
St. Charles, IL
Leisure Pools – Grande (Australian Blue)


Fall 2012

This is just a short note to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed our new pool this last summer. As you know we were extremely impressed with the fiberglass pool idea from the very beginning. We knew about the benefits of a fiberglass pool and were impressed with your Regional Sales Manager, Todd Emmerson, when he presented to us during the sales process. Even though our pool was installed so late in the season last year that we couldn’t enjoy it until this spring, it has far surpassed our expectations in the ease of maintenance and the beauty of the fiberglass gel coat finish. We also really enjoy the fact that the equipment for our salt sanitized pool practically manages itself and the soft, saline water is easy on everyone’s eyes and skin, unlike our old chlorine pool.

Your team has been great and our point-man at Signature has been easy to reach and extremely helpful throughout this first year that we’re using the pool. We look forward to many years of enjoyment with the new pool and appreciate your continued contact and the team’s attention to our needs.

Kind Regards,

Lee Colpi
Northfield, IL
Leisure Pools – Tuscany 29 (Australian Blue)


Trilogy Pools Gemini model pool built by Signature Pools in Lisle, Illinois.

Spring 2012

Signature Pools,

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our fiberglass pool. The pool is pretty much maintenance free, leaving lots of time to enjoy it. Todd was great in helping us design our pool and was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. From installation of the pool (even going over our house with it) until closing, Tom and the entire Signature Pool staff were very committed to great customer service. We are looking forward to our second summer with our pool.

Jim and Lynn Gerberich
Lisle, IL
Trilogy Pools – Gemini (Stellar RS)


Leisure Pools Moroccan 31 model fiberglass pool built by Signature Pools in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

To Whom it May Concern:

Whin I finally decided to go ahead and have a pool installed I researched all my options. In the end I chose a fiberglass pool because of its longevity, lack of maintenance and wonderful design options. After deciding on a fiberglass pool then it came to finding a company. Signature Pools stood above all other companies! Todd Emmerson did a great job of transforming my vision into reality iwth his 3-D designs. After many changes we had a final design. Todd made this process extremely easy. Even at the last hour when I decided to have an auto cover installed there was never a hesitation. Once the permits were final the job coordinator came over and gave me an installation date. It’s amazing within 48 hours the pool was installed and filled. Within a week we were ready to have the deck installed. Tom and his son did a wonderful job and were easy to work with. During the final inspection process the village inspector went out of his was to compliment the quality of the work of Signature Pools. The pool is amazing! It’s made my backyard a paradise. I would recommend Signature Pools to anyone! If only all companies were that easy to work with.

Anne Renick
Hawthorn Woods, IL
Leisure Pools – Moroccan 31 (Australian Blue)