Signature Pools Roman 19 model in Outback Blue colorIn the Spring of 2009, we installed a fiberglass pool by Signature Pools. We moved from Los Angeles to Chicago several years ago. Our home in Los Angeles had a beautiful pool which served as a family gathering destination. Our children literally grew up in that pool and we missed having it terribly. After we moved to Chicago we tried in vain to recreate that family experience – at one point we installed a spa, but it was never the same. And now that our older children have grown, we have adopted two young children. Our younger children spent the entire summer in our new pool last year! We know in our hearts that we have finally recaptured that special focal point for our family.

Before we installed our pool, we researched several companies and types of pools. We selected a fiberglass shell because of its durability, beauty and ability to withstand the elements. During the proposal process, Todd Emmerson – Signatures’ Sales Manager – was by far the most helpful to us as we considered various designs, styles and sizes. The Company and its staff were incredibly professional and helpful throughout the entire process – from design through permitting, construction and set up. The project was done on time and within budget. And Signature was great at communicating with us all through the entire process.

Signature Pools Roman 19 in Outback Blue color in Vernon Hills,ILThe actual construction went very smooth and much quicker than I had anticipated. One thing that caught me by surprise was the toll the installation took on our yard. I knew the yard would get torn up, but until you experience it firsthand you are not prepared. Regardless, Signatures’ crew was extremely careful, and the safety of my family was paramount to them. They also did an outstanding job cleaning up at the end of each day and made sure to put as things back to its original state as much as possible upon completion.

Once the pool was installed, Jim Gavula spent a great deal of time teaching us how the equipment worked and how to care for our new pool. We called Jim several times with a lot of questions and he was always patient and very helpful.

Signature Pools and its staff were phenomenal. We love our new pool and expect to get many years of enjoyment from it with our children – and hopefully our grandchildren at some point in the future.

Very truly yours,

Ken Mooney
Vernon Hills, IL
Leisure Pools – Roman 19 (Outback Blue)


Signature Pools - Roman 23 in Australian Blue color in Elmhurst, ILSpring of 2010

After spending an afternoon with Todd Emmerson (Sales & Design Manager) and going over all the many questions and options it was a very easy choice to move forward with Signature Pools. That was now 4 years ago.

When I initially started to look at company options I was not going to be fooled by fancy marketing or a big name company. I was diligent in my approach and decision making. Not only did we want a specific plan/layout for our backyard, but also a specific color and design of acid washed concrete. I also wanted a company that cared about customer service and I have received that in spades from Tom McNelis (owner), Todd Emmerson, and the rest of the staff at Signature Pools.

Our swimming pool has been so low maintenance and has turned out to be something both fun and valuable for our whole family. Truthfully, Signature Pools has gone our of their way and continues to this day to make sure that we have a positive experience.

If you would like more information about my experiences please feel free to contact me.

Kevin Mann
Elmhurst, IL
Leisure Pools – Roman 23 (Australian Blue)


Signature Pools - Riviera 34 in South Barrington, IllinoisSeptember 28, 2009

1. Why we chose to build a fiberglass pool:

~After a year of research we decided to build a fiberglass pool due to the quality of the product. We love how fast the pool was put in and it is really nice to not have to worry about getting “scratched” in the pool as you do with a gunite/concrete pool. We also love having our private oasis in the backyard and not having to go to various waterparks with hundreds of other people.

2. Our experience during the sales process:

~ Our experience with Todd was amazing. He is very knowledgeable and low pressure. Todd gave us all of the information that we needed to make our decision. He was very patient and when we signed the final contract we felt as if we made the right decision with no 2nd guessing.

3. Our experience during the installation process:

~ The installation was very fast and Tom, Jim & the rest of the Signature crew were very professional throughout the construction process.

4. Our experience owning a fiberglass pool from Signature Pools:

~We love our new pool and spa and everyone that we have had over are really impressed by how quick the pool went in and how beautiful our new pool and spa look. We are very happy with this purchase and look forward to many years of enjoying our pool!

Rebecca & Tom Koenig
11 Yosemite Court
South Barrington, IL 60010
Leisure Pools – Riviera 34 (Australian Blue)


Signature Pools - Elegance 33 in Libertyville, IllinoisOctober 13, 2009

After years of researching swimming pools, we decided on a fiberglass pool because we were convinced that they make the most sense for our family. We love the look of fiberglass pools and the wide variety of shapes that are now available made it easy to choose a pool for our backyard. After owning the pool for a few months we are convinced that we have made the right decision. It not only looks beautiful but it has been incredibly easy to maintain.

We have been very pleased with Signature Pools from the very beginning. The sales staff presented us with honest and accurate information and willingly took us to see other fiberglass pools they had built in our area. The installation process was on time and very quick therefore maximizing the use of our new pool this summer. Whenever we had questions, we could always count on someone from Signature Pools to get back to us at their earliest convenience.

We would not hesitate to recommend Signature Pools to anyone thinking of installing a fiberglass pool! We have been thrilled with the results!

Eric Schmitt and Andrea Lara
Libertyville, IL
Leisure Pools – Elegance 33 (Australian Blue)


Fall of 2009

This past June one of the best things happened. I put in a fiberglass pool by Signature Pools. I have wanted a pool for a very long time and had done a lot of research on the type of pool I wanted. Once I decided it was going to be a fiberglass pool then it was a matter of finding the best company to build it. After talking with several companies Signature Pools won my vote due to their knowledge, experience, confidence in their pools, and their consideration for my concerns. Todd was awesome during the purchasing and planning phase. He listened very closely to my ideas and what we were looking for in the pool as part of the landscape plan and put it together and made it happen. The 3D computer program they used was unbelievable – it showed me exactly what my new pool would look like with our existing house and landscaping. Todd also did not just sell the pool and disappear. He was still available when needed to answer any questions.

Once the pool arrived and the crew started it was unbelievable how quickly things happened. Tom McNelis and his whole crew are the greatest guys. Our yard is very important to us and tearing it up was very stressful but the guys are so good at what they do installing these pools that the mess was minimal. The guys really went the extra mile to help fix the mess that was made due to the three inches of rain we had three days prior to the start of construction. The process was so quick that within four hours the pool was filling with water and within twenty four hours the concrete decking around the pool was finished and most everything was ready to go. Within a few days Jim had the pool crystal clear and swim ready.

I could not have been more pleased with everyone on the Signature Pools team. This pool being salt water is basically no maintenance. I love telling people who say pools are so much work – Not Mine! Just some vacuuming and water testing is all the work the pool has caused – little to none. Even if we cannot get in the pool just sitting by it is such a great experience. Our yard is back to normal plus the luxury of a pool in our own private yard. I don’t for one second regret any part of putting in a fiberglass saltwater pool and have told many people it’s the only way to go and that Signature Pools is the best.

Thanks So Much Guys!


Heather Tesdal
Morris, IL
Leisure Pools – Riviera 30 (Great Barrier Reef)