Fall 2015

Signature Pools built our pool and it has been maintenance and trouble free. Signature Pools was very easy to work with and there were no surprises.

We have dealt with several contractors in the past and are familiar with the delays and problems that can arise. With Signature Pools, things were seamless. The work was completed on schedule and the quality was excellent. When I have a question they are easy to get in touch with and are quick to respond.

We highly recommend Signature Pools construction and maintenance because our experience with them has been positive in every way.

John and Cindy Hennessey
Plainfield, IL
Thursday Pools – Cathedral (Ocean)


Spring 2015

We chose a fiberglass pool for the low maintenance and clean, contemporary look of the pool. The sales process with Signature was exciting, informative, and simple. Todd Emmerson was great to work with. He helped design our background space just as we envisioned it, was very helpful, and we enjoyed working with him. The installation was incredibly fast and exciting to watch. After installation, Signature get the pool in pristine condition and Erich is amazing! He is a wonderful teacher and resource to Signature Pool customers! He ensures that the customers are comfortable with the maintenance of the pool and equipment. So far, our research about fiberglass pools being lower maintenance has proven to be true and we are very happy with our pool and our experience with Signature Pools!

Joe and Amy Shulfer
Woodstock, IL
Leisure Pools – Reflection 30 (Sapphire Blue)


Spring 2015

We just wanted to express our thanks to Signature Pools for a fantastic job throughout the process of the purchase and installation of our new pool. We chose a fiberglass pool for a few reasons. We heard they’re low reliable and low maintenance. No need to replace a liner and dog friendly. Also, we went with a “salt” system, which has been a pleasure to swim in.

The process went well. The initial salesman, Todd Emmerson, was quite knowledgeable and thorough. From design, to groundbreaking, to pool installation the staff was attentive to the process. It’s rare for a company to have it’s owner actually come on site let along actually perform the real labor. Tom McNelis not only led the team during the pool “drop in” he was also onsite other times to help finish the finer points of the install.

Once the pool was complete Erich was particularly helpful in balancing water chemistry and educating us as new pool owners on how to keep the water beautiful and swimmable. He explained the system controls and was prompt in replying to any questions.

Now we have a stellar pool that is the main feature of our backyard paradise!
Thanks again Signature Pools!


Steve and Jeanine Graham
Lemont, IL
Trilogy Pools – Genesis (Vega)


Spring 2015

Thanks for doing such a great job installing our Leisure fiberglass pool last year. From Todd Emmerson’s design expertise, to the construction phase, through Erich’s efforts to set up the pool the project was completed in a professional manner. To see the project 3D drawings come to life in our backyard; we never thought the finished product could look as great as the drawings, but the pool turned out even better! With Erich’s water chemistry expertise and system set-up, operating the pool has been a breeze creating an almost maintenance free experience and giving us more time to enjoy the pool.


Mike and Karen Smyth
Tinley Park, IL
Leisure Pools – Moroccan 34 (Sapphire Blue)


Fall 2014

My wife and I would like to thank you for your outstanding service and professional work installing our fiberglass pool. We are pleased that we chose Signature Pools to build our pool and haven’t regretted our choice for one minute. We looked at many pool companies and construction types, and chose fiberglass over a vinyl liner pool for many reasons. Having a vinyl liner pool as a child, I knew the upkeep issues associated with them, and Todd did a great job outlining the positives of fiberglass construction, and the ease of maintenance and minimal long term upkeep associated with fiberglass pools. True to his word, the pool was very easy to operate and maintain, which allowed us plenty of time to maximize our enjoyment of the pool this summer.

From the start of our search process, we found Signature Pools to be very competitive, dependable, and responsive and would definitely recommend you to anyone interested in building a pool. Both my wife and I enjoyed the interaction with the team, especially those we had the greatest level of contact with, Todd and Erich, as both were very responsive when contacted.

Thank you for making our experience a good one and we would like to extend our thanks to the entire Signature Pools team, as this was the most relaxing summer we have had in our 28 years of marriage!


G.R. and Kristina Schrotenboer
Geneva, IL
Leisure Pools – Reflection 23 (Crystal Blue)


Fall 2014

The addition of our Trilogy Pool from Signature Pools has been a great addition to our home and provided our family with a lot of memories and fun. A fiberglass pool was the best fit for our family because it is low maintenance, affordable, and quickly installed. I was surprised to find out that the cost was similar to a vinyl liner pool and our entire project was completed within 2 weeks. I was blown away by the design renderings that Todd made for us. I am very particular in the appearance of my yard and how the landscaping compliments our house. We considered another contractor but the quality of design work they offered us was years behind was Todd produced. I was able to see exactly how the pool would look before we broke ground and was very happy to see the final product looked exactly like the designs.

Our installation occurred during the first 2 cold and rainy weeks of November 2014. The signature crew was very professional and answered any questions I had. I was amazed at how quickly the process went and was glad that I chose to take Todd’s recommendation and utilize County Wide Landscaping. It was apparent that the two companies worked together often and had a good system down.

After the long winter we wanted to open the pool as soon as possible. Erich came out in early May to teach me how to operate all of the equipment and get the pool cleaned and operational. That one on one instruction was great, and since then the maintenance has been very simple. In fact, I probably spent about 2 hours a week vacuuming this summer and around $200 in chemicals and supplies.

Investing in a Signature Pool was a great decision for our family. We spent more time outside this past summer than we have in years and made many good memories with family and friends. Including a gas fire pit in the design allowed the fun to continue long into the fall. I think anyone considering the addition of a pool or spa should definitely contact Signature Pools.

Dave Kuchar
Sugar Grove, IL
Trilogy Pools – Gemini (Vega)

Fall 2014


Todd/Erich/Tom and crew,

We just wanted to say thanks for the great work and input in choosing and installing our pool. As our first season comes to an end, we couldn’t be happier about choosing you to do the work. Todd’s input a few years back stuck with us as we designed our yard and his input was spot on for all the reasons why to choose a fiberglass pool vs. the others. We still tell the story how on one Monday in April we had a dirty yard (since we didn’t have sod down yet) and by Wednesday the pool was in, hooked up and our kids swam in the freezing cold water. A few weeks later when all the landscaping was in, it was like having a resort in our back yard. While we knew that there is no such thing as a maintenance-free pool, Erich’s help and support made Todd’s claims hold true. With the combination of the auto cover and the Dolphin vacuum, keeping the water balanced and clean was a breeze. I really cannot believe how easy it has been.

Thanks for all the help!

Max and Nicole Bachara
Warrenville, IL
Trilogy Pools – Zenith (Vega)