Leisure Pools Colors

One of the many unique features on a Leisure fiberglass pool is the fact that all of their pools come in a color finish. Leisure Pools is credited with starting the color revolution within the fiberglass pool industry in the United States. Until Leisure Pools expanded to the United States market twelve years ago most fiberglass pools came with a simple white gel coat finish. Leisure Pools exclusive gel coat was the first colored gel coat that could pass the test of time with no visible fading. Because of the beauty of their colored gel coat finishes Leisure Pools is the only fiberglass pool manufacturer in the United States to offer only colored finishes. Leisure Pools Aquaguard gelcoat is the most advanced gelcoat for fiberglass pools in the world. The good news for our clients is that the Leisure Pools Aquarguard Eco Plus gel coat has been further improved and is now available in 7 beautiful colors. This new gelcoat features an antimicrobial system that is designed to inhibit the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria at the gelcoat surface. The particular antimicrobial additives contained in the gelcoat provide long term protection against various microrganisms, without posing hazards to human health – and have gained EPA, EFSA, and FDA approvals. They do not leach out and have no environmental impact. Another benefit of the new Aquaguard Eco Plus Gelcoat is that it provides up to 50% less VOC emissions compared to standard gelcoats used in fiberglass pools making our new gel coat better for the environment.

The new Aquaguard Eco Plus gelcoat is available in 7 stunning colors:

Silver Grey Color Pool Finish

Silver Grey Color Gelcoat from Leisure Pools

Graphite Grey Color Pool Finish

Graphite Grey Color Pool Finish from Leisure Pools

Sapphire Blue Color Pool Finish

(formerly known as Australian Blue)

Sapphire Blue Color Finish from Leisure Pools

Crystal Blue Color Pool Finish

Crystal Blue Color Pool Finish from Leisure Pools

Aquamarine Color Pool Finish

Aquamarine Color Finish from Leisure Pools

Diamond Sand Color Pool Finish

Diamond Sand Color Finish from Leisure Pools

Ebony Blue Color Pool Finish

(formerly known as Outback Blue)

Ebony Blue Pool Finish from Leisure Pools



* When you select your pool color finish we highly recommend looking at a physical sample of the color as the color image we provide online will look different on different monitors as well as looking different in printed representations found in our brochures.