Icon Pool

The Icon pool from Leisure Pools is a large 8′ deep 40′ x 15′ 6″ rectangle pool with a built in spa and tanning ledge/sun shelf area. The built in spa in this pool can fit 4-6 people (depending on how much you like each other) and is equipped with two spillovers that provide a refreshing sound to your backyard. With our automated control system and dual thermostat heater you can heat up the spa separately while keeping the rest of the pool at a comfortable swimming temperature. The tanning ledge/sun shelf area that is approximately 6′ 6″ long, 7′ 8″ wide, and 16″ deep is a perfect area for adults or older children to lay back and relax. This area also serves as a safe place for small children to have a place to play and learn to feel comfortable in the water (with adult supervision of course). Separating the spa and tanning ledge/sun shelf area is a full width bench to sit back and relax on. The rest of the pool is wide open and offers plenty of room for swimming, floating, installation of a slide, and many other fun pool activities. Being a perfect rectangle the Icon pool is able to have an under mounted automatic pool cover installed that will also cover the spa. Signature Pools is proud to have installed the first two Icon pools in North America. The Icon pool is built in Illinois by Signature Pools.

If you love the shape of this pool, but aren’t looking for an 8′ deep pool we’d recommend you check out the Ultimate pool (same configuration as the Icon, but with a shallower deep end depth and the addition of two deep end benches).

Icon Fiberglass Pool Line Drawing from Signature Pools

Icon Fiberglass Pool built by Signature Pools in Sheridan, Illinois


Icon Style Pool Dimensions
Length Width Shallow End Deep End Gallons
Icon 40′ 15′ 6″ 4′ 8′ 20,100