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In 1988, Leisure Pools was founded in Australia by industry veteran Kerry Pain. Technologies for Australian fiberglass swimming pools, where fiberglass pools have greater than 50% market share, have achieved a world-class level with innovations in design, materials and manufacturing processes.

In 2002 Leisure Pools dipped its toe in the U.S. waters. By 2003, Leisure Pools had established a permanent American headquarters and shipped its first load of fiberglass pools to the U.S. Due to demand from consumers who were beginning to hear about the quality of Leisure Pools they needed a way to produce more pools. So in 2008 they opened a fiberglass pool super plant in New Braunfels, TX (just north of San Antonio and south of Austin). This super plant was the largest and most modern fiberglass pool manufacturing facility in the world and had been designed with the ability to build 5,000 pools annually. With continued growth over the next several years Leisure Pools began to outgrow their new facility in New Braunfels, TX. In 2013 Leisure Pools purchased an 80 acre facility in Knoxville, TN with over 350,000 square feet of space in multiple buildings. This facility will enable Leisure Pools to develop the largest and most technologically innovative composite fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing facility in the world.

Leisure Pools today is the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass swimming pools and is the industry leader due to the quality of pools that they produce. Leisure Pools operates manufacturing facilities in the USA and Australia enabling it to supply a network of dealers throughout the United States of America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Malta, Spain, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the Middle East.

One of the many reasons we our proud to offer Leisure Pools is because of the high quality Aquaguard ® Gel-Coat that they use as well as the molds that they use to build their pools. When a fiberglass pool manufacture decides to add a new shape into their product line it starts with a plug.  A plug is essentially an exact scale model of the pool built out of wood.  For many companies this is a relativly quick process as they get it through this stage as quick as possible in order to be able to sell it.  With Leisure Pools they spend as much time and money as needed to make sure the plug they build is absolutely perfect.  Once the plug is complete a mold is then built off of that plug.  It is essential to spend the time and money to perfect the plug prior to producing the mold because the mold that is built will only be as good as the plug that was used to build it.  Once the mold is compete then a fiberglass pool can be built off of that mold.  So then the fiberglass pool shell that is built is only as good as the mold that it was built off of.  Below you will see all of the different shapes that Leisure Pools offers.

Simply click on a shape below and you will see all of the different sizes available in that specific pool model.

Elegance_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Grande / Grand Elegance
Grand Elegance_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Riviera_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools


Reflection Model Pool Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Reflection with Auto Cover
Reflection Pool with Auto Cover_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Moroccan_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Tuscany_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Roman_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Palladium Plunge
Palladium Plunge Pool_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Tanning Ledge
Tanning Ledge_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

Spas_Line Drawing - Leisure Pools

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