Pool Comparison Chart
Signature Fiberglass Swimming Pools Concrete Swimming (Gunite) Pools Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools
Warranty 35 Years – Lifetime by manufacturer 1 – 5 years by contractor Liner seams only
Installation Time 1 – 2 weeks 8 – 12 weeks 3 – 4 weeks
Shapes of Pools Over 100 pool models Unlimited Options Limited to the models of the manufacturer
Price of Pools Middle priced pool in the Midwest Highest priced pool in the Midwest Lowest priced pool in the Midwest
Estimated Chemical Usage Surface does not alter water’s chemical balance. Substantially fewer chemicals are used. Plaster reacts with water to raise pH levels. Uses substantially more chemicals to keep water in balance. Less chemicals required than concrete pools, but substantially more than on a fiberglass pool
Estimated Electricity Usage Low High Medium
Surface Texture Smooth – non-abrasive to skin or swim suits. Steps, seats, and floor areas are textures for slip resistance. Rough – causing skin abrasions to hands, feet, and damage to swim wear. Slippery – easily punctured or torn by toys, pets, rocks, or debris
Algae Penetration None – Most algae resistant type of pool High – Algae grows and is harbored in the pores of gunite. Acid baths and scrubbing required to remove algae. Medium – Seams of the liner harbor algae.
Estimated Maintenance Time 30 minutes per week 4 – 5 hours per week 2 – 3 hours per week
Major Renovaton None Every 5 – 10 Years Every 5 – 10 Years
Stairs and Seating Built into all of our pools Optional and Additional Cost Optional and Additional Cost
Quality Control Manufactured in environmentally controlled factory under stringent quality control standards. Manufactured on-site. No environmental control. Kit is manufactured in factory. Quality of on-site assembly varies by installer.
Type of Coping Concrete, Stone, or Pavers Concrete, Stone, or Pavers Generally Aluminum
Loan Acceptance Excellent Good Fair