Negatives of Fiberglass Pools

As much as we think fiberglass pools are fantastic and offer incredible features, ease of maintenance, and lifelong enjoyment, there are a few disadvantages to the product that we would like to address. In the interest of educating our customers with accurate and complete information, please keep in mind the following negatives when considering a fiberglass swimming pool.

Shapes and Sizes:

Although there are literally hundreds of shapes and sizes in the fiberglass swimming pool industry, there is not a design for absolutely every client. Even though over 90% of our prospective clients find a pool that works for them, there are a few who don’t. Please keep in mind that steps and bench locations are determined when a fiberglass pool mold is built. The shape of the pool and locations of steps and benches cannot be customized on an individual basis.

Hauling Restrictions:

Because fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled factory setting and shipped to a job site by truck, road restrictions limit the size of a fiberglass pool to approximately 16’ wide x 40’ long x 8’ 6″ deep. This maximum size of pool contains over 21,000 gallons of water and is large enough for the vast majority of residential projects. If you are looking for a swimming pool beyond the 16’x40’ size limits, a fiberglass pool may not the best choice for you.

Access to Your Property: 

It is very rare for us to visit a home that cannot have a fiberglass pool because of site access.  In almost 10 years of selling, designing, and building fiberglass swimming pools we’ve only come across a handful of properties where a fiberglass pool wouldn’t work.  Generally speaking the only situation this would apply to is if you have a long wooded driveway narrower than 10 feet or limited access to your backyard for excavation and hauling equipment.

As you can see, the advantages of a fiberglass pool far outweigh the negatives for approximately 90% of the swimming pools in the United States.  If you happen to be among the 10% that are looking for a specific size or shape that we don’t offer we encourage you to continue your research and find another quality pool builder to meet your needs.  We do however encourage you to visit our blog as many of our articles can be helpful to any type of pool owner.