Fiberglass Pool Options

Many options are available to customize your fiberglass swimming pool
Below you will find some of the most popular options to complete your backyard swimming pool:

Additional Pool Lighting:

Many customers are excited to find out that pool lighting is included in their initial estimate. In many cases, additional lighting is recommended to give your swimming pool an even more stunning look in the evening. Lighting features include standard colors and customized ‘light shows’ to create the perfect nighttime setting.

Auto Covers:

An auto cover is the ultimate option for those looking for safety. All auto covers come standard with a ‘locking’ cover switch, preventing unwanted access to the swimming pool. With an automatic pool cover you will also save on heating costs, chemical costs, water, and cleaning time.

Basketball or Volleyball Sets:

Get fit and have fun with the whole family while playing basketball or volleyball in your swimming pool. Nothing brings everyone together like a pick-up game in the pool. So get your suits on, pick some captains, and get in the pool for hours of fun and entertainment!

Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace:

After a day of swimming in the pool, gather around the fireplace to warm up on the cool evenings ahead. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will add another place for the family and friends to enjoy the evening together. Don’t forget the s’mores!

Landscape Lighting:

This option will illuminate not only the pool area, but surrounding backyard as well. Landscape lighting can be added around the perimeter of the pool area or even in trees to create a wonderful nighttime setting in your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchens:

Signature Pools works with a number of skilled companies in landscaping industry that can build your outdoor dream kitchen! Grills, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and complete bars are just a few of the options available with an outdoor kitchen.


For a relaxing, resort like feel to your swimming pool, consider adding a pergola area to your pool. With outdoor couches, this cabana-like retreat will be the new favorite gathering place for family and friends after a refreshing swim in the pool.

Pool House:

This option gives you even more space for storage and convenience around your swimming pool. Adding a pool house can give you an extra shower, bath, or changing room for the pool area, and keeps wet feet from traipsing through the main house.

Remote Controls:

Don’t want to walk out to the equipment to turn on the pool heater, water feature, or lights? Add a remote control to the system to allow completely wireless control of your entire swimming pool or spa. You can even control your pool from an iphone or ipad. Yep, there’s an app for that too!

Robotic Pool Cleaners:

These things really are amazing! Signature Pools uses some of the most advanced robotic cleaners for a truly worry free swimming pool. All of our cleaners use a self-contained vacuum system that doesn’t dirty up your pool equipment and filters to clean the water. Just put the robot in the pool, switch it on and it does the rest!

Salt Water/Chlorine Generators:

This optional equipment uses salt (sodium chloride) to sanitize your pool water. The system uses a process called electrolysis to break apart the chemical compounds found in salt, and adds the chloride in its natural state to the swimming pool. This equipment is great for pool owners who are sensitive to standard chlorine chemicals because in its natural form chlorine does not cause burning eyes, faded hair or clothes, or an unpleasant odor.


It’s not surprising that a slide is a great option to add if you have children at home. What most parents don’t realize, however, is just how much fun a slide can be for adults as well! We have many different shapes, sizes and colors of slides to suit your entire family.

Upgraded Pool Deck/Patio Area:

All of our packages include 4’ of standard concrete around the swimming pool. Customers have the option to expand that area to incorporate room for dining areas, lounge chairs, and larger areas for entertaining. There are also several kinds of decking upgrades available, including SunDek, Stamped Concrete, Brick Pavers, and Natural Stone.

Water Features:

For many homeowners, adding the sound of running water to a new pool is a much sought after option. Whether you’re looking for something natural looking with lots of boulders and stonework or a sleek and modern design, our team can provide you with all of the different options available on the market today.

Waterline Tile:

This esthetic feature wraps the top 6 inches of your pool in a wonderful accent tile. Use this option to create a completely unique look to your Signature Pool and give it a personal touch and customized look.

Winter Covers:

A winter cover is a cover that is typically installed when you pool is closed down for the winter months. The cover attaches with anchors that are installed into the pool patio area and helps keep your pool safe over the winter. A winter cover will also help keep leaves and other debris out of the water over the winter months.