Plug for Grand Riviera - Looking at Deep End

Several months ago we announced that Leisure Pools was working on a brand new pool model called the “Grand Riviera”.  Our team at Signature Pools just wanted to take a few minutes to update our future customers who are looking for a deep end pool on the status of this new model as well as show you a few recent pictures of the progress.  You can see the beginning stages of the pool by clicking here:

Plug for Grand Riviera - Looking at Steps

Plug for Grand Riviera - Looking down into the deep end

The good news is that the plug for the pool is almost complete.

Upon completion of the plug the mold will be built  and then finally the actual pool shells can be produced.  As you can see from the pictures, the Grand Riviera will be one of the largest free form fiberglass pools ever produced.  With dimensions of 40′ x 16′ x 8′ it will be one of the most innovative and stylish deep end pools in the industry and the only 8′ deep swimming pool in the United States available with the industry leading Aquaguard Gelcoat.  The pool will also come with a modified version of the very popular family play bench available on the current Riviera models.  Due to the size of this pool the steps have been moved to the center of the shallow end as opposed to the side of the pool.  This small change gives the pool a truly grand entrance.

The lastest news is that the mold should be complete and be available for production by the middle of May 2010.  If you would like additional information on this pool or any other pool models from Leisure Pools please contact our sales and design department at 630.845.1145 or visit us on the web at: Also, to keep up to date with updates on this pool, other news within the swimming pool industry, or status updates from our team at Signature Pools we recommend subscribing to the RSS feed of this blog by clicking on the orange square on the upper right hand corner of this page.  You can also follow us on twitter or join our fan page on facebook at

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