Master of Design 2011 Gallery

Click on any of the pictures above to enter into this gallery of our Master of Design award winning pool from 2011.
This pool was also awarded as the Leisure Pools “Pool of the Year” for 2011. The pool featured in this gallery is a Grand Elegance model from Leisure Pools in the Queensland Blue color finish. This pool and backyard was designed by Todd Emmerson and built by Signature Pools in Arlington Heights, IL. This pool is also featured as the cover image for the Leisure Pools 2012 brochure.

Click on any of the pictures above to see some of our past work. You can then click on the arrows at the bottom of the picture to see additional pictures. To exit the picture gallery simply click on the picture and you will return to the main page. All of the fiberglass swimming pools on our site and in our galleries were designed and built by Signature Pools and are located in Illinois. To see additional pictures of pools we have designed and built you can visit our Flickr Photo Page.

Important Note:

All pictures, videos, and 3D designs on this site is the work of Signature Pools and is copyrighted. Any use of our pictures without written consent is strictly prohibited. While we do consider it an honor that other pool builders would want to show our pools on their sites, we believe it is a misrepresentation for the consumer and therefore is stricly prohibited.