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Click on any of the galleries below to see some of our past work. Once you select a gallery you will be taken to another page. From the specific gallery page you will select from the pictures at the top of the page. You can then click on the arrows at the bottom of the picture to see additional pictures in that gallery. To exit the picture gallery simply click on the picture and you will return to the main page. All of the fiberglass swimming pools on our site and in our galleries were designed and built by Signature Pools and are located in Illinois. To see additional pictures of pools we have designed and built you can visit our Flickr Photo Page.

The team at Signature Pools takes great pride in each and every pool we’ve built- from simple backyard retreats to stunning complete backyard transformations and every pool in between. In these galleries you will be able to see some of our past work in photos, before and after pictures, 3D Designs, and Videos. Just imagine, your backyard transformation could be showcased here sooner than you think!

Picture Gallery 1

Picture Gallery 2

Picture Gallery 3

Picture Gallery 4

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Picture Gallery 5

Before and After Gallery

Master of Design 2009

Master of Design 2010

Picture Gallery 5 Image Image to Link to Before and After Gallery MOD 2009 Gallery Image MOD 1010 Gallery Image


Spa Gallery

Outdoor Living Gallery

Water Feature Gallery


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Spa Gallery

Outdoor Living Gallery 2

Master of Design 2012

Master of Design 2011

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Important Note: All pictures, videos, and 3D designs on this site is the work of Signature Pools and is copyrighted. Any use of our pictures without written consent is strictly prohibited. While we do consider it an honor that other pool builders would want to show our pools on their sites, we believe it is a misrepresentation for the consumer and therefore is stricly prohibited.