Erich Alstott is the Permit and Jobs Coordinator for Signature Pools. Once you’ve decided on the pool of your dreams, Erich is then responsible for acquiring all of the permits for the project, coordinating any municipal inspections, and keeping you fully informed on all steps and processes leading up to the day of installation. Once your pool construction begins Erich updates our clients daily on the status of the project and is the primary point of contact. Upon the completion of the project Erich then provides our clients with a final walk-thru. During this time he explains and demonstrates how to operate and maintain your pool and all the accompanying equipment.

Erich has a wide range of experience covering multiple industries; these include pharmaceutical sales, laboratory sciences, computers and telecommunications. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and holds a degree in Biochemistry. Erich Alstott is an Illinois native and currently resides in Streamwood, IL.

In his free time you’ll usually find Erich with his head buried in a book about philosophy or computer programming. He tries his best to be a vegetarian, but occasionally finds himself unable to resist the lure of a Portillo’s cheeseburger.