Composite Pools - Venus - inground fiberglass pools Oswego, IL So we’ve been thinking, and reminiscing, about all the reasons customers have enjoyed their very own Signature fiberglass pool- built by our quality craftsman at Signature Pools and Spas! Here’s a list of the top benefits we’ve heard around town. If you’re a Illinois pool owner, feel free to comment below with some of your favorite reasons for owning an in ground fiberglass pool.

1. The Backyard Escape

Many people refer to their swimming pool area, along with patio and landscaping, as their very own escape from daily stress, right in their back yard! Have your very own vacation experience right out your back door with an in ground fiberglass pool.

2. Teaching Your Children to Swim

A big part of water safety is teaching your children to swim, and getting them comfortable being in water at an early age. With proper supervision many families enjoy inviting their young ones into the pool, and are surprised at how fast they learn.

3. Family Time

Want a better way to spend quality time with your family. The next time ‘family game night’ gets their eyes rolling why not suggest a round of hoops or volleyball in the pool? Kids (and parents) of all ages are sure to enjoy the family time when playing and relaxing in a Signature Pool.

4. Kids Grow Up Fast!

Yes. It’s true. They’re not going to be around for ever. And although you don’t want them in the house forever, why not make the years while their still young as fun as possible? Having an in ground pool will be sure to keep young ones excited to be at home, and guarantees they will be back to visit once they grow up!

5. Health Benefits

When you are moving through water it doesn’t feel like working out. But the truth is, swimming is one of the most beneficial types of exercise you can get. People of all ages can wade, swim laps, or play games to get muscles moving, stretch out their back, and shape up- all while having fun.

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