Monolith Pool

The Monolith pool from Thursday Pools is a 40′ x 16′ rectangle pool with a deep end depth of 8′ 6″. With steps and a bench located on one side of the shallow end the remainder of the shallow end area is wide open with space for water basketball or other pool games. The deep end has two small benches that provide a great space to sit back and relax. With the corner step location the Monolith pool has a wide open swim lane through the middle of the pool for those interested in the ability to swim laps. Being a rectangle shaped pool the Monolith is ready for the installation of an under mounted automatic pool cover. If you’re looking for a large rectangle fiberglass pool with a deep end the Monolith pool is definitely a pool you should consider. The Monolith pool is built in Illinois by Signature Pools. The short video below is of a Monolith pool we designed and built in Long Grove, IL. The second video is a 360° video of the Monolith pool we designed and built in Long Grove, IL. Simply press play and then you can drag your mouse on the video screen to see the pool from a different angle.

Monolith fiberglass pool line drawing from Signature Pools and River Pools powered by Thursday Pools

Download Monolith Pool Brochure


Monolith Pool Dimensions
Length Width Shallow End Deep End Gallons
Monolith 40′ 16′ 3′ 4″ 8′ 6″ 20,000