Little Bob Pool Model

The Little Bob pool from Thursday Pools is a medium sized rectangle pool. This pool has full width steps across one end of the pool as well as a large bench on either side of the steps. The far end of the pool is wide open which provides plenty of room for swimming, floating or pool games. The Little Bob pool is a flat bottom pool with a depth of 4′ 6″. With the flat bottom on this pool it means it has no slope so it’s a great pool if you plan on playing lots of pool volleyball or pool basketball. The Little Bob pool can also have an under mounted automatic pool cover installed. If you love this flat bottom rectangle pool, but would also like a built in tanning ledge and wading area then the Little Bob LX might be the perfect pool for you. If you like the design of this rectangle pool, but want a little smaller sized pool the Sea Turtle could be a great option for you. If you’d like a larger rectangle shaped flat bottom pool the Spirit pool could be a great pool for you. The Little Bob pool is installed in Illinois by Signature Pools.

Little Bob Pool by Thursday Pools - Signature Pools


Little Bob Pool Dimensions
Length Width Shallow End Deep End Gallons
Little Bob 27′ 13′ 4′ 6″ 4′ 6″ 9,000