As the premier fibergass pool company in Illinois and as experts in fiberglass pool design and installation we take continuing education seriously so we can best serve our current and future clients. Every year the team at Signature Pools attends many conferences, trade shows, seminars, and webinars to further enhance our expertise. One show we attend almost every year is the Mid-America Pool & Spa Show. This is the largest pool and spa show in the Midwest so typically it’s a great opportunity for our team to meet with many of our different suppliers and learn about their new products being released. The Mid-America Pool & Spa Show will take place this year January 20 – 21, 2010 in St. Charles, IL.

While browsing through the seminars being offered this year I found one that caught my eye and if you’re currently researching or buying a swimming pool it should catch your eye too. The words I noticed were from a seminar entitled, “When Good Liners Go Bad”.

Here is the description given for this seminar:

Attendees will learn how to diagnose what is wrong with a liner and how to address the issue with their customer. Seminar discussion will include what problems can arise after liner installation and whether the issue is under warranty. Topics will include; wrinkling, leaking, fading, staining, dry rot, split seams, and customer expectations of how long a liner should last.

Keep in mind that this class is being offered by and taught by one of our country’s largest suppliers of inground vinyl liners and not from a concrete/gunite pool company or a fiberglass pool company. This class description spells out perfectly what we’ve been teaching the past 10 years about vinyl liner pools and why fiberglass pools are so superior. I’ll sum up for you here what this class really says about purchasing a vinyl liner pool:

1) You will have problems with your liner
2) You should hope that the company you purchased it from has been trained in how to address the situation with you
3) Problems can/will arise after liner installation
4) Some problems are not under warranty
5) Problems include wrinkling, leaking, fading, staining, dry rot, and split seams
6) Customers buying a liner should lower their expectations on how long a vinyl liner will last

Buying a swimming pool is a big investment and we’re here to help you make the best decision possible for your specific situation. You can find a review of the three different types of swimming pools by clicking here. If you’re currently researching different types of swimming pools we would love to talk with you about the benefits of building a fiberglass swimming pool from Signature Pools & Spas. You can contact our office at 630.845.1145, our sales manager Todd Emmerson directly at 630.973.8105, or visit us on the web at: www.signaturepoolschicago.com

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One Response to When Good Liners Go Bad: Interesting Seminar at the 2010 Mid-America Pool & Spa Show

  1. Jim says:

    Great article!! It’s crazy to think people are STILL buying liner swimming pools with all the new fiberglass technology available.

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