This is a great question we get from time to time!  The short answer is yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind when installing an in-ground pool if you have an existing septic system  or private well on your property.

1.  Location, Location, Location:

Before you can determine where an in-ground pool can go, you will first need to determine where the existing septic tank and field is located, along with the well head (if applicable).  Your local municipality or county health department may be able to help by looking up the building records for your property.  They may find a septic survey, which will show the septic and well locations as build with the home.  If not, a local septic service company can be contacted to survey and locate the system on your property.

2. Septic Tank and Lines:

Many times customers will peer into the vastness of their yard and think “I’ve got PLENTY of room for a pool!”  While this can be the case, there are many instances when a septic field or tank will limit the available space and exact location of your new swimming pool.  As a general rule, (at least in Illinois)  the closest portion of the water’s edge cannot be any closer than 25′ to an existing septic line and 25′ to the septic tank.

2. Well Water:

In many cases a home with a septic system also has a private well on the property.  Generally speaking, in Illinois the swimming pool must be located a minimum distance to the well head.  This is usually not a problem, as most well heads are located in front yards, far away from the septic field or potential pool location, but keep this in mind when planning out your swimming pool project.  Contact your local health department for specific regulations in your area.

3. Relocating or Eliminating a Line:

Occasionally a customer will need a line to their septic field moved in order to accommodate the desired location of the pool.  Although this is not as common, it IS a possibility.  Alternatively, a line may be able to be eliminated all together, giving enough room to maintain the required distance from the septic field.  Contact your local septic installer for further information about this process.

With a little careful planning and consideration, there is no problem with installing an in-ground swimming pool if you have a septic system or private well on your property.  Many of our existing customers have wrestled and won this battle, and the proof is now in their beautiful backyard swimming pool!  If you have further questions about septic tanks, lines, private wells and how they all relate to your swimming pool, please feel free to contact us directly at 630.845.1145

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