Fall of 2009

This past June one of the best things happened. I put in a fiberglass pool by Signature Pools. I have wanted a pool for a very long time and had done a lot of research on the type of pool I wanted. Once I decided it was going to be a fiberglass pool then it was a matter of finding the very best company to build it. After talking with several companies Signature Pools won my vote due to their knowledge, experience, confidence in their pools, and their consideration for my concerns. Todd Emmerson (Sales Manager) was awesome during the purchasing and planning phase. He listened very closely to my ideas and what we were looking for in the pool as part of the landscape plan and put it together and made it happen. The 3D computer program they used was unbelievable – it showed me exactly what my new pool would look like with our existing house and landscaping. Todd also did not just sell the pool and disappear. He was still available when needed to answer my questions.

Once the pool arrived and the crew started it was unbelievable how quickly things happened. Tom McNelis (President) and the whole crew are the greatest guys. Our yard is very important to us and tearing it up was very stressful but the guys are so good at what they do installing these pools that the mess was minimal. The guys really went the extra mile to help fix the mess that was made due to the three inches of rain we had three days prior to the start of construction. The process was so quick that within four hours the pool was filling with water and within twenty four hours the concrete decking around the pool was finished and most everything was ready to go. Within a few days Jim Gavula (Permit and Job Coordinator) had the pool crystal clear and swim ready. I could not have been more pleased with everyone on the Signature Pools team!

With the salt water system my pool has basically no maintenance. I love telling people who say pools are so much work – Not Mine! Just some vacuuming and water testing is all the work the pool has caused – little to none. Even if we cannot get in the pool just sitting by it is such a great experience. Our yard is back to normal and we now have the luxury of a pool in our own private yard. I don’t for one second regret any part of putting in a fiberglass saltwater pool and have told many people it’s the only way to go and that Signature Pools is the best at what they do!

Thanks So Much Guys!


Heather Tesdal

Seneca, IL
Leisure Pools – Riviera 30

If you’re currently researching for your own swimming pool we invite you to Experience the Difference and see for yourself what separates the team at Signature Pools from any other fiberglass pool company in the mid-west. Our goal for every job is to earn a life long customer and nothing satisfies us more than knowing we’ve added another client to our long list of customers who are enjoying one of our fiberglass pools. If you’d like to read more testimonials you can find them on this blog under News and Updates or Customers as well as on our website. You can also stay up to date with Signature Pools by subscribing to the RSS feed in the upper right hand corner of this page or by joining our Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/signaturepools.

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3 Responses to Another Fiberglass Pool Owner in Illinois Recommends Signature Pools

  1. Todd Emmerson says:

    Thanks Heather for your reference letter! You have a beautiful pool and property and we’re excited to get some good pictures this summer!

  2. As one who pays significant attention to the entire fiberglass swimming pool industry, I can say that such a letter is no surprise to me Todd. You guys there are Signature are doing great things. Keep up the excellent work!

    Marcus Sheridan

  3. Thanks for your kind words Marcus! We’re looking forward to another great season. Thanks for all you and your partners at http://www.riverpoolsandspas.com do for the industry! Homeowners in Virgina and Maryland are lucky to have such a quality company nearby.


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